Kubota Canada’s head office and warehouses located in Markham Ontario wanted to become more energy-efficient and increase their lighting levels at the same time.


Their existing lighting was a combination of 400W Metal Halide (MH) and 6 Lamp T8 Fluorescent High Bays.  They chose to install over 3000 pieces of Reno’s 15WLED T8 lamps throughout and attached occupancy sensors to the high bays for added energy savings.  The Foot Candle (FC) increase was in excess of 25% while reducing consumption by over 50%.  The new LED lighting made it easier for the staff to scan, pick and ship the products by seeing the bar codes easier.



With shipping starting in the early morning while it is still dark outside, increasing the lighting on the loading docks was paramount. Kubota replaced their old High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) fixtures with Reno’s 120W LED Wall Packs and 150W LED Flood Lights. This upgrade boasted an increase of 39% in the lighting levels as compared to the old HPS fixtures.