Flamboro Downs opened its doors to the public in 1975 and is still regarded as one of the finest standardbred racing facilities in Ontario.

Situated on over 220 acres in Flamborough, Hamilton the facility boasts a half-mile harness race track and over 800 slot machines.

Management seeing the transition in the horse racing industry to become more energy-efficient decided to upgrade the lighting on the harness track. With technology advancing in the broadcasting of live race events, it was evident that Flamboro needed to improve the lighting levels for both the racers and the fans.

The existing lighting consisted of over 180 1000W Metal Halide Floodlights along the route of the track and 1500W Metal Halide Floodlights at the finishing line above the stands.

Flamboro with the help of Reno LED chose to use our Array Series LED Sport Lights. Reno LED provided a 3D lighting layout to help guide the installation and determine the proper degree of light spread for maximum field coverage. Replacing the 1000W Metal Halide fixtures with 400W & 500W Laser guided sport lights, Flamboro saw a dramatic increase in light levels on the track.

The lighting at the photo finish line was of the utmost importance to management as well as the fans. It was decided to bring out the “big guns” and use Reno’s 750W Array sport light. This powerful LED sport light delivers over 100,000 directional lumens to the finish line.  Guided by our laser attachment meant that aiming and positioning the lights was a breeze.

The successful completion of the lighting upgrade will see Flamboro save over 50% on their hydro costs as well as a dramatic decrease in maintenance costs with Reno’s 100,000 hr lifespan.


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