Founded over 100 years ago CN Rail is the backbone of our Canadian economy. CN is responsible for the shipment and transport of over $250 billion worth of goods annually.

With rail yards and stations located from coast to coast, in 2019 CN was looking to update and improve their lighting at one of their largest shipping yards in Ontario. Comprising over 700 HID fixtures located on poles ranging in height from 60ft to 120ft and with wattage varying from 750W -1500W the aging fixtures needed to be replaced and upgraded.

Providing a 3D lighting layout of CN’s rail yard, Reno’s 630W Zeus Series High Mast LED Flood Light was selected to replace the 1500W Metal Halide fixtures located on the 120ft poles. With the aid of our laser-guided attachment, precision angling of the 88,000-lumen fixture was a breeze. Utilizing a 30° beam angle ensured the light paths crossed one another on the yard floor providing even light distribution.

The shorter 60ft poles consisted of 750W and 1000W Metal Halide Flood Lights. They received an upgrade with Reno’s Aries Series 300W Flood Light. Delivering over 42,000 lumens saw an increase in the lighting levels by over 40% on the yard floor making night operations much easier and safer.

While not only providing higher lighting levels, the new LED fixtures are nearly 50% lighter than the existing floodlights. This in turn will help extend the life of the lighting poles and reduce the stress on the mounting arms that can occur during high wind storms.  

Reno LED’s Zeus and Aries Series fixtures come with a 50,000 hr lifespan which will help to drastically reduce the maintenance and downtime for CN operations during the nighttime shifts.

Once the installation was completed CN realized annual electrical savings of over 2.2 million kWh and $400,000 in hydro costs. Reno LED’s DLC-certified fixtures qualified CN for the Save On Energy rebate of over $140,000. 

Reno Fixtures Used :

Zeus Series 630W  LED High Mast 

Aries Series 300W LED Flood Light