Parking Garage:

The parking garage located in Richmond Hill, Ontario presented many challenges as the current lighting system in place was not providing adequate light levels. With a fixture count of over 500 2lmp T8 32W and 2lmp T12 40W fixtures needing to be replaced a low maintenance energy-efficient solution was needed.

It was Reno LED’s 4ft 34W Linear Strip that was specified as the replacement in the garage lighting retrofit. Our LED Linear Strip helps close the lighting gaps on the ground that was apparent with the old fluorescent fixtures in place. Over half of the fixtures were fitted with an occupancy sensor in low-traffic areas to help increase the energy savings. Canlight saw an average increase of 60% in lighting levels across the entire garage while consumption was cut by over 50%.



The lighting technology in place was a combination of Metal Halide (MH) canopies, Metal Halide (MH) Post top Fixtures, and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) Wall Packs.

The 175W canopies were replaced using Reno LED’s 48W LED Canopy providing even light distribution to the walkway.  The 250W Post Tops were replaced with a new 80W LED Post Top that gave a fresh look to the property. As for the 70W High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) Wall Packs they were replaced with a 25W LED Cut-off Style for a more modern look.