With over 175 stores coast to coast, Best Buy is the largest consumer electronics retailer in Canada. Lighting plays a pivotal role at Best Buy for displaying TVs, Appliances, Computers, and Electronic Equipment.

Needing to upgrade the existing lighting was a challenge for Best Buy. Choosing the right LED fixture to replace the aging Metal Halide and HID fixtures was made simple with the help of Reno LED.

The existing 6”,8”, and 10” pot lights were replaced with Reno LED’s ICON SERIES Multifunctional Commercial Downlights. Having the option to adjust the wattage and color for each light just by the flip of a switch was a big bonus in choosing the ICON SERIES according to the installers.

Lighting glare was always a concern on the TV screens but this was eliminated when the new LED fixtures were installed. The recessed design of the Commercial Down Light ensured the light was delivered to where it needed to be.  With over 200 fixtures replaced in the store, Best Buy saw over a 70% reduction in energy and an increase of 40% in lighting levels.

  • Existing 6” Pot Light 70W HID   – Replaced with 6” ICON SERIES 10W/12W/17W
  • Existing 8” Pot Light 150W HID- Replaced with 8” ICON SERIES 14W/17W/20W
  • Existing 10” Pot Light 175W MH – Replaced with 10” ICON SERIES 30W/35W/40W